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Wendy Wilson Spooner



  "I approached Wendy of because my personal research had stalled.  My quest was      to find out about the paternal side of my roots.  I am an International adoptee from South Korea.  I          had just taken the DNA tests through Ancestry and 23andMe and   I knew it was time to enlist the            help of a professional genetic genealogist."  

  "Wendy was receptive to my unique challenge from the very beginning.  She listened carefully, asked        thorough questions, and worked in a collaborative manner to keep me informed  of her research - she      kept impeccable notes.  After narrowing down the search to a couple possible paternal lines, Wendy        did an amazing job of seeking out living members of the family tree she built.  She personally                    contacted  everyone, and through her professional handling of these cold calls, we now have

   definitive  results.  Through matching DNA samples, I now know first cousins who knew my  father,        and can tell me stories.  I couldn’t have done this without Wendy’s help,  professionally                                and personally. " 

  "I highly recommend Wendy Wilson Spooner of for your genetic                                      genealogy research."  --AHC.

Wendy Wilson Spooner  ~ Genetic Genealogist, Lic. G., LCoT

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